Chocobo Breeding Guide



First of all, you'll need some stuff before starting so here is the list:

- Chocobo Lure Materia (See the Materia page to know where to get it).
- At least 4 stables in the chocobo farm (i'll recomend you to have 6) which costs 10,000 gil each one.
- 3 Carob nuts. You can steal it from the dragon-like monsters near the bone village.
- 1 Zeio nut from the goblins in the goblin island wich is directly east from the chocobo sage house.
- 50 Sylkis greens (or 60 if you want some greens for your gold chocobo). which costs 5,000 gil each one.

Chocobo's Average:

- Poor
- Average
- Good
- Great
- Wonderful

Chocobo Types

Yellow Chocobo: Is the regular chocobo can go by the land

Blue Chocobo: Can cross rivers and shallows near the coast but no ocean or water.

Green Chocobos: Can cross mountains

Black Chocobos: Can cross mountains and rivers

Gold Chocobo: Can cross mountains, rivers, shallows, waterfalls, and ocean.




The Breeding part:

1) Ok look, first you have to capture a "Great" or "Wonderful" chocobo from the Mideel area and a "Good" chocobo from the peninsula near corel prision (See MAP). If you want you can get them to A class in the gold saucer but you'll spend a little more gil in greens. Mate them with a Carob Nut and this should produce a Green or Blue Chocobo.

2) Go and get another "Great chocobo" from Mideel with the oposite gender of the new chocobo and mate them with a carob nut, be sure that if you have a green chocobo you must get a blue one in this try and viceversa, because if you have two green chocobos or two blue chocobos you will never get a black chocobo when you mate'em.

3) Now feed your green and blue chocobo with 10 sylkis greens each one, then go to the gold saucer and take them to the S class, when you do this, go the chocobo farm and mate the green chocobo with the blue one to get a black chocobo ( That you'll sure get with two S class chocobos).

4) Now go to the Icicle area and get a wonderful chocobo, when you get him give him and your black chocobo 10 sylkis greens to each, then go to the gold saucer and race them to S class.

5) When you have them in S class mate them and you should get a gold chocobo, Congratulations! now you own a gold chocobo.

Important: When you mate your chocobos bylli will not let you mate them again right away, to get rid of this problem, go and have 7 or 10 fights (instead of catching new chocobos) and ten you can mate them again.